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The information in this timeline is based on reports by members of what we call the “Exopolitics Group.“ BILLIONS OF YEARS AGO According to Elena Danaan, at some point [which was apparantly billions of years ago], entities from another dimension or galaxy seeded the star system Lyra in our Milky Way galaxy with humanoid DNA. Variations of the humanoid species evolved and spread throughout the galaxy, as did other species based on reptilian, insectoid and other life forms.  Processes like that have caused the universe to be filled with millions of extra-terrestrial civilizations just as diverse as on Earth. In the next time period “Millions of Years Ago” for this timeline, we hope to provide details about the great migration of civilizations from the Lyra star system that Elena Danaan has referenced in various videos. In the meantime,  the important point to keep in mind is that the migration has…

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