ALIEN HISTORY according to Elena Danaan, Dr. Michael Salla and many dedicated UFO researchers

ALIEN HISTORY according to Elena Danaan, Dr. Michael Salla and many dedicated UFO researchers

For our Sci-Fi series, Point in Being, we have made the assumption that extra-terrestrial civilizations exist. As a result, we wanted to find out as much as possible about what the UFO community has to say about the main alien species to be encountered in our story.

During our research, we were surprised to find an amazingly comprehensive compendium that covers one hundred and ten alien races. It’s A Gift from the Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races by contactee Elena Danaan.

Elena’s information has been supplemented by Dr. Michael Salla, who is one of the most prolific, organized and detail-oriented researchers we’ve ever seen.

What follows in this article is an overview of the alien situation, as we understand it from the UFO community and especially from Elena and Michael’s video reports and books.

According to what Elena has been told, at some point in time billions of years, humanoid aliens from another dimension or galaxy seeded the star system Lyra in our Milky Way galaxy with humanoid DNA.

Variations of the humanoid species evolved and spread throughout the galaxy, as did other species based on reptilian, insectoid and other life forms.

As a result, the universe is filled with millions of extra-terrestrial civilizations just as diverse as on Earth.

Our understanding is that there are not only many different species and races, but also all levels of technology, intelligence, morality and spiritual advancement throughout the universe.

For example, there are some benevolent reptilian species and some very malevolent ones. And the same is true of some of the humanoid species.

Some benevolent races evolved into peace loving space faring civilizations that eventually federated with other like-minded groups.

According to Elena and others, the resulting Galactic Federation of Worlds believes that as much as possible, they should not interfere with life on an evolving planet like Earth. The indigenous species must learn to deal with the inevitable challenges, as they evolve into an interstellar civilization that is ready to join the Federation.

It’s a similar belief to the one that guides human anthropologists, who encourage very slow and limited interaction after discovering indigenous tribes, who’ve been isolated from the modern industrialized world.

Besides the policy of Non-Interference, the Federation also has a belief that the universe is balanced between creation and destruction, as demonstrated in the universal cycle of birth and death seen in everything from stars to people.

However, as humans have discovered, sometimes the natural balance of predator and prey gets out of balance, especially when a non-indigenous predator species is introduced into an environment unable to cope with the invader.

Such a situation occurred on Earth over 5,000 years ago, when we were invaded by hostile species of very malevolent predator Reptilians and Grey aliens both intent on keeping us as virtual slaves in a continuous state of ignorance about life outside of Earth.

As you will see in this version of the history of aliens, the oppression on Earth by the invaders and their human collaborators has reached a point where they are now a threat to our stellar neighbors.

As a result, the Federation has been forced to take action. The resulting conflict constitutes a drama of epic proportions.

For that reason, we are happy to postpone our work on our Sci-Fi series Point in Being to work on putting the current epic conflict in context with this Points in Time series: ALIEN HISTORY according to Elena Danaan, Dr. Michael Salla and many dedicated UFO researchers.

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