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THE FUTURE > Predictions > Successful Predicted by Tony Rodrigues In 2015, NASA’s Dawn spacecraft was approaching the dwarf planet Ceres in the asteroid belt to investigate mysteries such as bright spots that looked like lights on the surface. Before the spacecraft arrived at Ceres, Tony Rodrigues told Dr. Michael Salla that the “bright spots” were actually light reflections from salt deposits formed by geysers of salt water with a little magnesium. NASA eventually concluded that the spots were indeed deposits of salt from brine (salt-enriched water) from deep in Ceres’ interior. See Article. Before NASA’s “discovery,” Tony told Dr. Salla what he later described in his book Ceres Colony Cavalier: “Several months later, the geyser on Ceres Colony erupted inside the Occator crater. This time, I decided I would get out of my comfort zone and go and have a look. The main observation window was crammed with officers,…

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