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This is a placeholder awaiting a bio of Thor Han, who is mentioned in these two posts: Earth Will Transition to Fifth Density Aliens and the Exopolitics Group

PROPOSALS To accomplish the FineDay mission, we invite proposals for how to protect free-will individual sovereignty, while assuring prosperity for all who live on planet Earth

Interactive graphics and animation for Feature Films, Television and Websites Starting in 1993 from a studio on Main Street in Santa Monica. California, MSM began creating and programming 2D and 3D graphics to be featured in scenes where characters were shown interacting with computer or video screens operated off camera by our crew. FEATURES TELEVISION Bones (200 The Orville  (2017 to 2022) Reel by our lead 3D animator. WEBSITES FineDay Academy (Our current Project) Sneak Peak. Credits of our lead webmaster

Nov 22, 2021 This is a cautionary tale about too easily accepting assertions and rumors as fact. The story starts exactly 58 years ago today, when I was a senior in Lenape High School in New Jersey listening to the announcement that President Kennedy had been shot. A few days later, I drove with friends to Washington to attend the funeral procession. Seeing the cortege with my fallen president’s casket pass by was an unforgettable emotional experience. When I returned home, I was so moved by the famous photograph of JFK Jr. saluting his father, that I painted a watercolor version of it: The following year, I was fortunate to win a full Navy scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to study physics. I spent almost four years training on active duty and in school.  In a Midshipman flight program, I had gotten as far as…

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Look for my Japanese lessons, when the FineDay Language department opens. In the meantime, here’s my latest (2022) demo reel. I hope you enjoy it. – Kim